Walking in Singapore ♥ Part 3 Marina Bay Sands

Walking in Singapore ♥ Part 3 Marina Bay Sands

Walking in Singapore ♥ Part 3 is Marina Bay Sands Shopping Center

It is important to be a little careful about going to Marina Bay Sands by subway MRT.

Because the name of the station is complicated.

Because it’s “Marina Bay Sands”, do you think it’s Marina Bay Station? !

What a bay front station.

For some reason, I am a Japanese Japanese, but I often hear the road by local anti, but at Marina Bay Station, “How do you go to Marina Bay Sands? I am often asked.

When I brought my parents from Japan before, I got lost, and the local Singaporian (many kind people), “I will guide you to Marina Bay Sands.” I was so kind on the train, such as riding my eyes on the next door, so I took us very kindly while keeping us extra care, but that’s not the case. Maybe you couldn’t get it? !

Since then, I myself have been kindly teaching when I hear the road. (^^ ゞ

So, go to the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Center directly connected from Bay Front Station ♥

When you leave the ticket gate, you can see the canal and gondola made 코인카지노 by imitating the Italian Venice gondola in front of the Marina Bay Sands.

This is also the entrance to the casino, but when you get down to the basement, there are many famous watch brands and jewelry brand stores, so if you buy it at a casino, buy it here. Is it like a casino to buy here? Either way, your dreams will expand, right? ! (smile)

Put it sideways and click from inside.

Marina Bay Sands Shopping Center front entrance

Somehow, when the mask was obliged, when I was wearing a mask, I just finished my purpose and returned immediately. The mood is refreshing, and you can see it, be interested and afford it.

There is Ma (^_-)-☆

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