* The 102nd bullet is a “laptop case”

Notebook purchased as a desktop computer spare machine in late August

Since the SIM slot of the personal computer does not open, it will be repaired

I told you what you did.

It was repaired in about a week and came back, so in the SIM slot

SIM has been inserted and 크레이지슬롯 the Internet is connected.

In addition, even though it is a spare machine, it is thought that it will be brought to staying in a car or accommodation.

Because it is, I decided to buy a “laptop case” for protection.

I did it.

I was going to buy gold shache -money at a consumer electronics retailer, but the type

I decided to search in Rakuten Ichiba after all, so I purchased it.

The product in the photo below.

The mouse or PC stand can be stored with an outer pocket

It was almost a prompt decision because it was 1680 yen within the budget (2000 yen).

(By the way, I ordered a PC stand yesterday.)

In September, it will gradually cool down, so we plan to stay in the car and

I want to bring this laptop.

I’m sorry today.

“Swallowed Taiwan in peace” is afraid of Chinese strategy

The relationship between China and Taiwan, where Russia’s invasion of Ukraine became realistic. Akira Ikegami explains the aim of China in a comparable to “Sonko’s Military Law”.

We will deliver some excerpts and reconstructed from the “Shame Best Series 1, which is shameful if you do not know the hegemony of the hegemony of the hegemony of the hegemony of the hegemony of the big problem in China”.

On February 24, 2022, when Russia began a military invasion of Ukraine, the world’s leaders criticized “Putin is an invader.”

It is China who holds his attitude. On the afternoon of February 25, 2022, a resolution was voted at the United Nations Security Council calling for an immediate withdrawal of 바카라 the Russian army, but Russia, a permanent director, activated veto. It was abolished.

The Security Council resolution is adopted by more than nine of the 15 directors, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China and Russian permanent directors do not use veto.

This time, 11 countries, including the United States, agreed, but in addition to the permanent directors China, the United States, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), abstained.

It was naturally regarded that Russia would exercise veto, but China, India, and UAE would have emphasized diplomatic relations with Russia.

A close relationship with Ukraine as well as Russia

However, China has a close relationship with Ukraine. For China, Ukraine is a key point to succeed in the huge economic zone concept, “Belt and Road”, and the first carrier “Liaoning” owned by China was purchased from Ukraine. We purchased “Waragg”, which was originally created by the Soviet Union at the Climea Peninsula’s shipyard during the former Soviet era, in 1998.