Sari Ito “Bath Hikari” is a support for investigation of a bizarre serial murder case! At that time, Masaki Sugata “Hai” heads to Osaka to see the Impressionist exhibition

Episode 11 of “Mystery” will be broadcast on Monday, March 21st

The eleventh episode of “Mystery” (every Monday night 9: 00-9: 54, Fuji TV series), starring Masaki Sugata, will be broadcast on March 21 (Monday). In the drama, the natural perm played by Sugata will solve the mystery of the incident and the darkness of the heart of the human being, just by expressing his own views and the darkness of the human heart. Planning new sense mystery.

The original is the same name comic by Yumi Tamura, which started serializing in 2016 in “Monthly Flowers” (published by Shogakukan) and exceeded 13 million copies. Director of Chief is director Hiroaki Matsuyama, 더존카지노 who worked on “Trace -Kasouken Man-” (2019) and “Nobunaga Concerto” (2014), and the script is the fifth drama in the drama. Yuko Aizawa is in charge.

Sugata plays a college student who has a complex on a natural perm, has no friends or her, and loves curry. He is always doubtful about being played as a “obvious” in society, and he will vividly develop his own theory with vast knowledge and its own values.

In addition, Sari Ito plays a rookie detective, Seiko Haruko, who involves the curios in the case investigation. In addition, he belongs to the same police station as the bath light, and the role of Yuto Ikemoto, a young patrol, who is a mood maker and a mood maker. Michitaka Tsutsui is the role.

■ Episode 11 Synopsis

When Shaki (Masaki Sugata) was thinking of going to an art exhibition in Osaka, the police station requested support for new serial murder cases. Aoto (Michi Takashi Tsutsui) is nominated for the bath (Sari Ito) to the investigation headquarters. The incident, which had already killed the three victims, was a bizarre that abandoned the body like a crucifixion in the middle of the intersection.

A different blood is detected from the wound of the third body. Blood matched the victims who were killed 22 years ago in DNA appraisal. This is the 17th victim of the consecutive women’s assault murder by Gento Hagi (Chihara Jr.). The investigative headquarters stood up to see if Happi, who had disappeared since committing the 18th murder, has begun to kill him, but the Bizenjima Police (Eiichiro Funakoshi) is not a crime of Happo. 。 Subordinator Juzu Nekota (Wakana Matsumoto) agrees that the situation is different from the Hagokuro case.

Meanwhile, the road (Eita Nagayama) was pursuing Jute in search of the truth of Aiju (Mai Shiraishi). Then, he learns that Aiju frequently went to the warehouse street before his lifetime. There, a dark casino was held irregularly. The road that infiltrates the casino is acquainted with Rumi Yokota (Natsuko), and I know that Aiju worked in the casino.

On the other hand, it was possible that the body was broken and transported at the investigation headquarters. Nekoda, who was listening to the bath light, reported that a girl walking while holding a suitcase near the abandoned site was witnessed. At that time, an anonymous person received a call in the bath.

-The story is drawn.

■ My road visits the dark casino

In the preview video released on the drama official website, Nekota, who saw a video of a warehouse area where the dark casino is being held, and a video of a girl walking while pressing a suitcase, said, “Why? I guess it was necessary to put the body at the intersection, “said a scene that spoke to the bath light.

“Mystery” Episode 11 will be broadcast on Fuji TV from 9:00 p.m. on March 21 (Monday).

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