-[the loser’s howling]-

Gambling mad and unemployed. Nevertheless, the total debt is 5 million yen or more.

I still don’t want to work. I want to return all debt with money I got without working …

This series has reached the 77th serialization of a celebrity “dog” on Twitter, whose popularity “Destroyed by Manila’s casino” gained popularity, continues to bark without power in his life after his dream is over. 。

Four months since the last time reported a status of overworking 400 hours a month to repay debt. The debt balance that returned was 3.8 million yen. See the real of a man who struggles in a corner of society.

◆ It is inevitable that you will not spend it if you do not gamble

To tell the truth, my recent life is very stable. It was natural to think about it.

Despite the repayment of debt, it took a year to repeat the trial over a year, reducing the monthly repayment. I worked every day so much that I had no time to write such a sentence since March. If you work every day, you will get some money. If you have a minimum expense and a reasonable salary, basically people are not bothered. I have no money other than gambling, so if I keep working in a pachinko parlor open, I don’t have any trouble.

Writing and getting money was a good feeling because I felt that my extraordinary personality was excavated, and the desire for approval that would not be satisfied for those who fly low like me. 。

I sometimes asked for advice on how to keep my self -esteem from debt and part -time workers on the Internet, but in my case it would have been a lot of mentally blessed environment. The self -consciousness that I thought was the spirit of steel may have actually been a trees called approval from others. I am lucky.

◆ A decisive difference between aggressive loser and me

I’m writing the manuscript now because I quit one of the four jobs. I noticed that I was able to make a whole day, but I couldn’t try Youtube or write a blog while working. In a fundamental story, there is no ambition. This serial title (although it is no longer a series) is “howling a losing dog”, but youtube and SPA! And there is not enough energy compared to other losers you see.

It’s quite impressive that they have become a bad rat, exposing the scenery and private life of work, abandoning shame and hearing, and going to society to aim for a real reversal. They are definitely living in their own life.

I’m the opposite. Always accept the given life and work, convince you that you are yourself, narrow your viewpoint each time the scale of your life shrinks, and change the type of self -consciousness, and your flexibility is your own. I think it’s an original way of life.

Is it okay to keep this? Sometimes I think, but if you work quietly, you won’t be blamed by anyone, and above all, a kind of reopening feeling that “no one will complain if you do this,” continues to affirm yourself. I will give you.

If you drop out of college, retire from the company, and keep switching the rails that are not comfortable quickly, the only sign that “do not bother anyone” is stuck. It was a sidewalk on a single road.

◆ Feelings are 22 years old, reality is 29 years old

I was 29 years old. My heart is about 22 years old. Imagination to classmates who have not met for a while has not been able to escape from the image of wearing a recruit suit and working on society. The reality is that the company is in charge of the most important position, maybe you get married, you can have children, and you may start to entrust the theme of life to someone.

When I resumed after a long absence with my former acquaintance

“Well, I’m doing a lot”

It was certainly until the age of 22 that the enviable gaze returned honestly. At this age, they got on their kindness trying to hide the discouragement and pity in their nostalgia, and even if they noticed the subtleties of their emotions, they often pretended to be unable to see them. 。 It’s not as young as telling someone who cares not to hurt, “It was painful.”

“Hey, hey …”

Look back at the part -time job schedule. A work that moves the body at the construction site, a job that only treats only the biased elderly people, and a simple clerk using a personal computer. None of them are not professional, not professional. Through the “work that anyone can do” that is not in the field of view of those who have never done it, it is a valuable experience of connecting the industry’s story of the industry like a patchwork, and talking outside the opponent’s view is a valuable experience. Only the ability to speak becomes a master.

◆ If you notice, the relationship between “poverty and co -dependence”

Even now, it works well for colleagues in their early twenties, but they also notice society for several years. “Oh, that man (dog) was such a freeter.”

At the end of the day, there may be Alasar’s freeter, but I will browse Wikipedia, a celebrity who blossomed after the age of 30. It is limited to humans who do not have a spectacular talent while at school. A successful example that came out of a human being, which was not particularly unique. Just keeping the possibilities inside before going to bed from 0%to 0.1%is a reason to worship tomorrow’s sun. If you don’t hang the spider’s thread at least, there’s no reason to raise your hips or reach out.

This is what I finally thought about when I could afford to live. What I gained to get much more unstable than everyone was late for laps was more frustrated. It may have been full of energy if you were concerned about tomorrow’s lodgings and payment next month.

Unexpectedly, I had a relationship between poverty and dependence.

◆ Is an overseas ticket a one -way ticket to hell?

While working every day to protect stability with inertia while dying

“There is a cheap ticket”

It was just during this time.

“I can’t hear it.”

The reasons for increasing the price of viruses, the yen’s appreciation, and the price of fuel costs are becoming more serious, and the price of air tickets is jumping up, so it was information that could not be ignored even if it was nearly three years away from the casino. I’m not very familiar with the social situation, but I can only see that it will be harder to go abroad.

“Seriously too cheap, this is”

It may have been a loss. I can’t bring a lot of money when I go. It was clear that buying an air ticket would be too bad for a trip. Still, I was attracted to the cheapness and bought it.

I don’t know if I can really go, but I’m going to have an amulet.

After getting a ticket that can be ruined at any time, I can see a slightly downward beast trail beside the 바카라 sidewalk, which was a straight road. I’m still going to work, but I feel that the scenery has become a lot.

I am lucky.


From the experience that 10,000 yen became 7 million yen at a Philippine casino, the casino was stuck in the casino. After that, I quit my job and boarded the casino with all my property, but I lost there. Lost all property and cover in debt. After that, he returned his job and returned his debt with a total of 5 million yen. We are sending information about the experience of losing everything at a casino on Twitter and Note and daily gambling play.

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-[the loser’s howling]-

Pale blue tiles and port wine

#Portugal #Kwon Ho -young #Blue fragrance

While traveling to Hong Kong often, Macau did not go one hour from the sea. How much to do in Hong Kong, I couldn’t put Macau a day on a short trip.

After traveling so many times, I went to Macau and took a short schedule for Hong Kong, and I regretted not coming to Macau earlier when I arrived at Macau’s very traditional accommodation. My eye -catching caught my eye was a small fountain with a blue, patterned tile on the way to the accommodation of the next building.

After a long time behind, I knew it was a Portuguese pottery tile using a blue tin glaze, and I could realize that Macau was Portuguese. The blue tiles encountered on Macau Street were very intense and vaguely thought I should go to Portugal.

Since then, I have been forgotten by traveling and traveling in many cities, and when I went to Barcelona, ​​Spain, I remembered that it was Portugal a little further. But it was impossible to put a schedule on a business trip, and I just thought it was a little closer.

As I enjoyed the game called “The Era of Sea” on my computer, the names of the port cities of Spain and Portugal became used to. Again, it was a book called Porto, if I would work anyway, after the editors lived and worked in a website called “Dedit” and a YouTube channel. This book, which is impressive with orange signs, lived in Porto, a port city, not a trip, and made me think I wanted to go to Porto rather than Lisbon, the capital.

It was in Brunch that I first learned about Kwon Ho -young, who wrote Portugal, which is a half beat. In general, the brunch written and wrote about Eastern Europe, rather than a lot of visits, was fun, and I also bought something in the alternative Georgia, which was published. I think I can go to Georgia someday. I thought it was an unusual travel for people that people don’t know well, and I remember that the ambassador of the Embassy in Korea was also very helpful.

This book is written around the episode that was experienced 크레이지슬롯 at that time at the point of view, so it is not a helpful book to organize a place to visit or schedule. However, there are a lot of pictures that have been taken hard, which helps to visually understand Portugal, and it is a book that allows you to look around in various areas and look widely. You can look at the artist’s young appreciation as a bonus.

I was wondering why the subtitle ‘half beat is good’, but it seems that you can meet various mistakes of the artist, such as missing, not good, go to where you don’t know, and choose and experience you. You can meet a series of choices that are planned but not planned.

Travel is that. It is not memorable to come out of the well -organized schedule, but it is more intense to remember that you miss, do well, make mistakes, misunderstands, and come back and burst into laughter.

Travel is half -prepared, and it seems to be half to experience new events without being prepared.

The image of Portugal is remembered as a pale blue tile (Azuleju), Fort wine (Portugal is famous for wine), Nelu Bookstore, the motif of Harry Potter, and the history of the opposition. If you go directly, you will leave more diverse and richer memories, and I hope you can go someday.

Expecting an egg tart and a cup of coffee at a small cafe in Porto ..


*Episodes and visitors are intersected, but I collected for convenience.

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